The History of TikTok, The Social Media Sensation!

TikTok is a video-sharing platform that was only introduced in 2016, and it already lines up with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Currently, the app has over 2 billion downloads on both the App Store and Google Play, which is a remarkable achievement considering how recently the platform was launched. In this article, we will discuss the app’s origin and who was the genius behind this social media Sensation app! If you’re looking to start your own channel, make sure to give TikTok volgers kopen a go.

What Exactly is TikTok?

TikTok is an app that allows users to make and share videos. The large library of soundtracks, music snippets, and filters that are available in the app are utilized by video producers to record short videos of themselves dancing and lip-syncing to music. This results in most videos having a musical focus. On the other hand, there is an infinite number of videos to explore, each covering a unique subject. There are hilarious skits, how-to videos for crafts and DIY projects, and anything else imaginable. If the name TikTok rings a bell, it’s because other applications with a comparable function came out before it.

How TikTok Came Into Being?

TikTok was initially developed by a company called ByteDance in the Chinese capital of Beijing. There is also a much lengthier response that is really complicated. The fact of the matter is that TikTok has changed its name more than one time, and there is still a Chinese version of the app that runs distinctly.

The very first iteration of TikTok was called, and it was released for the first time in September 2016. After that, ByteDance renamed the app Douyin, which in Chinese translates to “vibrating sound.” This happened in December 2016, only a few months after the debut of the product.

TikTok made its debut in September 2017 under its present name, but the app was only available in a select number of regions at the time. Only until ByteDance, combined with another Chinese social network called, did it become accessible to users all around the world. This did not take place until August 2018.

Who Invented This Global Phenomenon?

Beijing ByteDance Technology Co. was founded by Zhang Yiming, who is also the company’s current CEO. Beijing ByteDance is one of the largest internet technology companies in China, and it is swiftly surpassing other online content platforms. TikTok, a video-based social networking app that is rapidly gaining popularity among Generation Z users, is one of the applications that can be found in ByteDance’s portfolio, meaning that the mastermind behind the app is Zhang Yiming. He is one of the most successful tech moguls in all of Asia, thanks to the success of TikTok.